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Preparing For The New Year 2018

Posted by Brandy Faith Weld on November 16, 2017

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Preparing For The New Year 2018   So how has your 2017 been? Crazy? Even crazier than your 2016? If you are ready for a better life experience in 2018, I invite you to start preparing for it now! If you have been following me, then you know that I am The Energy Change Alchemist and passionate about helping people change their personal energy so that they can transform and improve their life experience! That is

The Power Of The Heart

Posted by Brandy Faith Weld on December 4, 2016

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Do you know how powerful your heart is? Did you know that it is 5000 times more powerful electromagnetically than the brain? Did you know that the heart is the first organ developed in the body when we are conceived, that it has its own brain (made up of a network of 40,000 neurons) and its own intelligence? The heart is a powerful process center with a very complex nervous system, second only to the

2016- The Year Of Good Bye

Posted by Brandy Faith Weld on December 2, 2016

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 Happy December everyone! The beginning of the end of 2016! We are now entering into a very crucial time period right now, energetic wise, that has the opportunity to change the trajectory of our lives if we take the needed action this December! As many of you know, I am all about Energy and how energy drives and effects our lives and more importantly, how to change our personal energy to transform our life and

Medium John Edwards

Posted by Brandy Faith Weld on March 1, 2016

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Medium John Edwards gave Brandy and her skeptical father amazing evidence about her mom’s survival! It is this story that I am excited for you to hear Brandy Faith Weld share on this episode #80 of Brandy has also had a near death experience and her experience of what she saw in the hereafter I find very comforting. About Brandy Faith Weld: She is is the author of the international #1 bestselling book, called
Change Your Energy, Improve Your Life August 02, 9:30 AM PST On Periscope. Download the app, if you don’t have it, and follow me @BrandyFaithWeld to be notified when we go on air or follow me at at

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