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Leo Lunar Reboot

2019 is a very powerful year, the year that will completely change everything!  If You’re ready for greater love, career success, more financial abundance, deeper spiritual connection and more emotional fulfillment.  If you’re ready to live your soul’s purpose and sing your soul’s song!  Then this is your year. And Now is your time, because 2019 is a …

Are You Ready To Sing Your Soul’s Song?

In the 2019 Energy Forecast, we told you about what a powerful and transformative year this is going to be!  This numerological 3 Year is meant to catapult you on a new journey that you have been formulating for quite some time. This journey will be very different from anything you have done in your …

Prepare For A Potent 2018!

Saturn has been spiraling through Sagittarius for almost three years. It’s likely, by now, you’ve grown used to the feeling of its restrictive qualities buffering against your own desires to actually expand and fly free. I know this long transit has felt very heavy for a lot of people; like having weights tied around their ankles. But …

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