Programs to Help You Jump to A Better Life Experience!


Below you will find the various programs that we offer to help you eliminate the Invisible Barriers that have kept you feeling stuck and from from living the life of your heart and soul’s desire! Liberating you from past struggle and guiding you to finally living your Best Life Ever is both our gift and our mission! No matter what your needs are, or your life’s situation, we have an option for you. We have intense live events, online programs, and a self directed book that you will find on our Products Page.

ShiftShapeTM Your Life

A Life Changing Mind, Body, Spirit Cleanse!

An Eight Day Intensive, All Inclusive Retreat to Completely Transform Your Life Experience for the Better! By the end of the program, you will have a whole different perspective of what’s possible. You will know that you can have the life that you have always longed for and you will now understand HOW to go about doing so! And it’s not by anything you have ever learned or could learn in school! These 8 days will be the best gift you have ever given yourself as you shut out the world and focus on permanently breaking free from past struggle and the Invisible Barriers that have kept you from achieving some of your life goals. As we guide you into clearly understanding why your life is the way that it is today and than help liberate you from the blockages that have kept your from being able to live the life that you have dreamed of, we will be creating a whole new plethora of opportunities for you to be able to choose from. You will learn how to effectively harness your energy and become a potent master of your life! By the end of the process your life will have metamorphosed into something that feels far more joy-filled and magical! Warning: This 8 day intensive retreat may cause miracles and will completely change how you see and experience life forever!

See our Events Calendar for dates and details. Use our Contact Form if you have questions or would like some more information.

Change Your Energy Transform Your Life!

Lifetime-Access Online Program

Do you ever find yourself asking, Why does this always happen to me? or say to yourself, I knew that was going to happen?” Yes? Well your not alone. Unfortunately, that is a common statement by the majority of humanity! We all have these patterns that show up in our life over and over again with just a different name and face attached to them. These patterns of feeling stuck will be different for each one us, some will experience the patterns in their Relationships, others in their Finances or Career, and others in Health or Fitness. But what ever the pattern is, it can be so frustrating because you feel like you have tried everything to reach your goal, but nothing you have tried has worked. You feel like there are these Invisible Barriers keeping you from your intended goal and you feel helpless to do anything about them, because you can’t see them and you don’t know what they are!!

The great new is, we know how to uncover these Invisible Barriers and move them out permanently so they never block your success again and you can forever be free from the nagging pattern you have felt stuck with for so very long!! In this 8 week online program, that you will have access to for a lifetime, we will guide you in liberating yourself from these energetic patterns and Invisible Barriers for life! You will then be forever free to create the life you have always longed to live! To find out more about this online program, Click Here.

ShiftShapeTM Your Life
Group & Private VIP Coaching

Let’s get honest, when you become aware of the information we teach you in our book and programs, you will never view or experience life the same again! And we know that it is a lot to take in and sort through, so we offer a Group Coaching Program to assist you in your journey. We offer this Group Coaching bi-monthly on the second and fourth Tuesday of every month starting at 6 pm PST and it lasts for an hour and a half to two hours, depending on the questions. These Group Coaching Calls are hosted on a sophisticated platform that allows us share video, documents or guest speakers that you can access via a computer,  Smartphone or even a land-line if needed.  Go to our Events Schedule to see the dates of our bi-monthly Group Coaching Calls or you can Sign Up For Them Here.

We also offer special Private Weekend Intensives custom designed for your specific challenges and goals. You can choose to do it privately or along with chosen people in your life that you would like some growth and healing with. Please use the Contact Form if you would like more information about scheduling a Private Weekend Intensive.

ShiftShapeTM Your Life Custom Visualation

If you would like a customized ShiftShape Your Life VisualationTM, created by Bob Doyle, complete with advanced sound technology to imprint your Life Vision deep into your subconscious mind, click below. This will be a customized two track audio. The first track will expand your energy centers and put you into a very high state in which to create and manifest your New Life Vision. The second track will be your custom made Visualation to ShiftShape Your LifeTM  into your Life Vision spoken by the hypnotic voice of Bob Doyle. Both tracks are infused with a sound technology that bypasses the guarded conscious mind and gets right into your subconscious mind to activate Your New Life Vision into fruition. Your customized Visualation will also be infused with a Powerful Transformative Energy that will assists in the manifestation of your Life Vision!

Here’s the REAL Power of this: So many amazing studies have been done that show the exponential power of “shared intention.” That is, it’s one thing for you to have an intention about what you want to create, but when you’re joined by one or more in agreement of that vision, the energy is magnified 10 fold!

Create Your Own Life Changing Customized ShiftShape Visualation Here!

ShiftShapeTM Your Life and Other’s
Certification Program

Certification Program on all of the tools and teaching we share in all of our programs for Coaches, Counselors, Consultants and Healers. A 5 Day course teaching you how to take your clients through the Revolutionary 9 Step ShiftShape Your Life System to permanently liberate them from limiting patterns. You must have personally completed the 8 Day Retreat and be a part of the Group Coaching Program to be eligible to sign up for this program. In this course, you will also be initiated on how to access and utilize this Powerful Transformative Energy that bypasses the conscious mind to remove the blockages and patterns in your own life and in the life of your clients. For more information about our Certification Program contact us Here.

Mindful Parenting Raising Empowered Children
Give Kids a Better Life Experience!

As you have done all of your internal work, and have more Awareness, do you wish you were raised with all of this knowledge? Do you wish your parents or caregivers had this wisdom when you were born and while you were growing up? Can you imagine how great and different your life would be if they did? Now that you are more Aware and our transforming your life experience, you have the opportunity to give this gift to your own children! If you currently have children or you are planning to have children soon, this is a perfect program for you! You must have completed the 8 Day Retreat before you can attend this course.

If you are interested in this course for yourself or in our upcoming online program for kids teaching them about the power of their heart and the effective use of their heart and mind together, please contact us Here.


 ShiftShapeTM Your Team & Optimize Your Results

Consider this— We are living in times of amazing change! Old systems are collapsing, old ways of management, selling and doing business are becoming obsolete. A new paradigm is seeking to emerge. One that is more holistic, more conscious of our inter-connectedness, focused on win-win and the “we”. The time for this change was yesterday. In the past, organizations tended to focus energy on an Outside-In approach, rather than an Inside-Out approach. We tended to focus on upgrading the technology, accounting systems, marketing plans, etc, but what we often missed is what drives all systems- Our People. With the global crisis today, we can no longer afford the quick-fix band-aid approaches to dealing with the challenges that our organizations face. They don’t last. We need to address the source of the solution, Our People! Organizations are not static or dead entities. Rather, they are living breathing organisms that reflect the collective sum of the individuals working within them. Each individual is like a cell in the body of a larger organism. So one of the most important investments for organizational success is to develop the human potential of each team member. Truly successful organizations are comprised of happy and fulfilled individuals who are in touch with their gut instinct, creativity, true gifts and are made to feel free to share them. Their inspiration, motivation and productivity increases, which leads to better results and more success, positively affecting the bottom line profitability of the company! The human potential of your people is the key resource to your bottom line!

contactusOur vision is to transform and inspire your organization from the inside-out, and not only maximize your key resources’ human potential, but assist the entire organization to function in an optimal state of synergy, peak performance and congruency to your Corporate’s unique culture and personality.







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