You Say Good Bye & I’ll Say Hello!


Well welcome everybody to the end of 2016, the year of good bye, and boy has it been a year of good bye in so many ways. Not only for the structures and illusions that haven’t been serving us, but also physically with many beloved artists leaving us this year. Here is picture of many of them all together. Someone also created this Time Magazine image: 2016- Year Of The Reaper. Well being that 9 Universal years are about ending and completions, it makes sense that so many souls chose to complete their life experience in this realm on the Earth this year.

time-2016During a Universal ‘9’ Year, we are called to reflect on our lessons and learnings over the past 9 years, integrate and embrace the wisdom gained and then use the insights to prepare for the brand new 9 Year cycle we are moving in to– from 2017 to 2025.

So as we end this nine year era we have been in since 2007, it is a time to try and make sense of unread chapters, firmly shut tired old doors, and leave behind any heavy loaded emotional baggage that we do not wish to carry on with us into this new 9 year cycle.

Words that hold this 9 energy are:

  • Powerlessness = 9
  • Helplessness = 9
  • Compromise = 9
  • Judgment = 9
  • Anger = 9
  • Sadness = 9
  • Tears = 9

As uncomfortable as these feelings may be, it is essential that we take a deep breath and dive into these feelings that have been unearthed, so that we can heal them and finally be free of them.  We have the opportunity in these universal 9 years to decide not be owned and controlled by these feelings, but instead ‘acknowledge’ them, shine the light on ‘why’ we are holding on to these ill-feelings and then choose to end the cycle by ‘letting them go’. We all have FREE WILL of course to stay angry, hurt, and the victim… but really, what good does harboring bitterness and resentment have on our life experience?

It just brings more of the same to us. We then become the abuser to ourselves because these negative emotions effect both what we attract in our life and also the well being of our physical body. Almost all physical sickness in the body first starts with emotional Dis-Ease.  

We have the power to make our life experience better just by FORGIVING the people we have felt hurt by. We do this out of love for ourselves and not for the other person. For our own greater well being, we need to practice Quantum Forgiveness. Regular forgiveness is more difficult to do, but Quantum Forgiveness is much easier. If you need help with Quantum Forgiveness, my book, Heal Your Heart, Free Your Mind is a great tool for that. You can easily find it at

As our year 2016 winds down to an end, take the time to acknowledge how far you have come over the last 9 years. Reflect on the lessons learned this past cycle, embrace the wisdom gained and be GRATEFUL for all the joyous moments you’ve had.

The NEW BEGINNINGS that are being offered as we enter 2017, a Universal ‘1’ Year,  will be dependent on the work YOU DO NOW at the end of 2016.  Forgive, let go, release and be grateful for all that you have accomplished over these last 9 years.  In doing so, you will transcend the need to repeat old patterns and habits and begin a brand new cycle of growth and possibility. This means, you should focus your energy this week on:

  • Forgiveness– Write a letter of forgiveness to yourself (or another) & set yourself FREE.
  • Remove clutter– Feng Shui your home and office… if you don’t use it, lose it!
  • Completion– Aim to close up all those open loops that still need completion.
  • Take Time Out For Yourself– Take time for self love and care. Meditate and spend time in nature to reflect and have gratitude for all that you have, for how far you have come and for all that you have learned.

After doing this, you can step into 2017 revitalized with fresh energy,  a renewed sense of excitement and adventure, and most of all with love in your heart and a deep feeling of peace and harmony in your soul. You have built up a great reserve of knowledge and wisdom through everything you have experienced over the past nine years and it will guide and serve you as you explore the magic and wonder that is awaiting you in this next nine year cycle.

This is a very powerful time period to change the trajectory of your life. You can liken the Universal 1 Year to the planting of an apple tree seed…

First, in the Universal 9 Year, this (2016), you did all the hard work of cultivating a healthy & vital soil for the planting of your apple seed by removing the weeds in the form of obstacles, limiting beliefs and bad habits that would inhibit your seed from sprouting and growing into its’ full fruition this forthcoming 9 year cycle.

Second, now in this Universal 1 Year, you hold that seed in your hand and you visualize what the tree will look like with all of its fruit 9 years from now. You have a big vision, a passionate unwavering heart that believes there is a grand and magnificent tree hidden within this seed that will unfold over the years. You can literally smell, taste, touch and see the tree with all of its fruit and know in your heart that it will soon be so.

Key traits to embrace in this Universal ‘1’ Year:

  • Curiosity– Follow that spark of childlike wonderment and allow insights to spark your creativity
  • Synchronicity– Release the need to KNOW all the answers and the feeling that you need to plan out all the EXACT steps you need to follow, and just trust synchronicity and divine timing to light your way forward.
  • Courage – Its time to step up, rise and shine. Now is the time to believe if yourself and take active steps to make things happen. You are an amazing Soul filled with greatness, like that tree … get out there and show the world your brilliance. 
  • Be YOU– Own your gifts, honor your uniqueness and follow your calling.  Let go of the need to live up to the expectations of others. This is YOUR life, so it is time to live if for YOU.
  • Dream– The Universal 1 Year is filled with endless ideas and infinite possibilities.  
  • Focus– Sure it is a year of infinite possibilities and new beginnings, but if you plant too many apple seeds you may loose your focus, and find yourself in overwhelm.

And with that, “Say Hello” to a prosperous New Decade! Hello, hello!

So let’s get to work clearing and preparing our soil for these new prosperous seeds we are going to plant in 2017!

Cheers To The Happiest Of New Years!

Brandy Faith Weld




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