Preparing For The New Year 2018

Preparing For The New Year 2018


So how has your 2017 been? Crazy? Even crazier than your 2016?

If you are ready for a better life experience in 2018, I invite you to start preparing for it now!

If you have been following me, then you know that I am The Energy Change Alchemist and passionate about helping people change their personal energy so that they can transform and improve their life experience! That is why, starting on November 24th, I am challenging people to commit to a gratitude practice for the next 21 Days!

Gratitude is a very high vibration emotion. It is right up there with Love, even a little higher. So an Attitude Of Gratitude is something we want to adopt to raise our vibration, so that we can attract to us, things of a higher frequency, so that we can have that better life experience we have been desiring!

Studies show that it takes 21 days of consistent action to create a conditioned habit, that is why we are giving you this 21 Day Challenge. So that you can build up this Attitude Of Gratitude as a way of being, and permanently raise up your vibration and thus, a better life experience for yourself! Our hope and intention is this will be a forever way of being for you, that will draw even greater things into your life moving forward, into 2018!

Are you interested in that?

We will get you in a rockin’ high vibration so when you set your New Year’s Resolutions at the end of this year, they will more readily happen for you!

So if you would like to ensure a better 2018 for yourself, then please join us in this 21 Day’s Of Gratitude Challenge at:

I will look forward to connecting with you more over there and rockin’ this new year together!

Brandy Faith Weld


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