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Do you ever feel stuck and like there are Invisible Barriers keeping you from achieving some of your life goals? Is there an area in your life, that no matter what you do or try, you just can’t seem to reach your intended goal? Well, you’re not alone. This is such a common challenge, that many people find themselves asking the same question over and over, “Why does this always happen to me?” Can you relate?


Our Invisible Barriers and patterns are not all the same, but we all do have them. What determines why one person has an Invisible Barrier in one area of life, let’s say love, while someone else has the block in another area, like finances, is all determined by what happened to the individual while they were in the womb and in the first few hours and the first few years of their life.

Due to their invisible nature, and because you have no cognitive memories of them, these barriers are the most difficult to get past. You can’t just solve them with the mind, so traditional practices like psychology or NLP will not work. That’s what differentiates us from other personal development companies because we are experts in knowing all about these Invisible Barriers. We know how they’re developed, how to unveil them, and how to move them out permanently so that you can now reach that goal and truly live your life vision. So whatever the blocks are that have been hindering you from achieving some of your life goals and living out your heart and soul’s intention, we can help you break free from them indefinitely, and completely transform and improve your life experience! When you have tried everything and nothing has worked, we can help! No longer does your life have to be limited by these Invisible Blocks or the struggles of the past!


We offer various workshops to guide you in eliminating these Invisible Barriers that have kept you from living the life that you have always wanted to live, be it in love, career, finance, health, fitness or relationships with family and friends. No matter how you are comfortable attending, whether in person at one of our beautiful locations , or online from the comfort of your own home, we have a solution for you.  So don’t allow the Invisible Barriers to stand in the way of the rich and fulfilling life you have always longed to live. We offer programs for your own personal expansion, programs to  help you raise positive and empowered children and certification programs to learn the tools that we share so that you can help others’ break through the Invisible Barriers and improve their life experience as well.

Wherever you are in your journey, we have a solution for you! Find out more about our programs  here.


For  assistance and guidance in understanding the teachings and breaking through your own personal barriers, we offer bi-weekly Group Coaching to support you in your journey for all of our programs.

We also offer Special VIP Weekend Intensives that we will facilitate for you privately one on one or along with a few chosen people in your life. Private Weekend Intensives will be designed and customized specifically for you and your groups’ need (if your are including others in your intensive). Find out more about these Coaching options by clicking the button below.




Corporate Training

It can be difficult to find someone who makes an immediate impact on your workforce and creates long-term results, especially someone who can match your Company’s outcome with the appropriate processes to take your organization to even higher levels of performance. I know, I used to have to find those rare and special facilitators of change for the needs of Cisco System’s Global Sales Force in my role as the Manager for Worldwide Sales Force Training and Development.  

From my days at Cisco, I am known as the Change Alchemist and through our customized systems of transformation, your team will leave the program with a new awareness, greater capabilities and a superior ability to work powerfully and congruently together to make a bigger impact consistently on your company’s results!

Find out more about how we can improve your Team’s Performance and Results here.




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