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seeingTo see and experience life clearly is an Art and below are the products we recommend to help you see life more clearly so that you can have an even better life experience! You will learn more about the Art of Seeing in my book Heal Your Heart ~ Free Your Mind .


This life changing book will transform how you see the world and how you experience life forever! Forever break free from the invisible patterns and blocks that have kept you from living some of your life goals  be it in Love, Career, Finances, Health, Fitness or in your Relationships with Friends, Family and Associates. Learn more about how powerful your heart is and how it’s what’s really driving your life and how to effectively harness this power for an even greater life experience! You can buy the hard copy or Kindle version here.


We all have the capacity to live the life we have longed for and achieve our personal goals and the vision of what we want to contribute to the world. On our path to success, we will undergo a wonderful and adventurous voyage. In this Bestselling book, The Voyage To Your Vision, experts from across the globe share wisdom from their vast experiences on how to more easily navigate that voyage to your vision, even during turbulent times. With experts such as: Brandy Faith Weld, Marcia Wieder, Dr. Cathy Greenberg. You can buy the hard copy or Kindle version here.


This is the CD I recommend for you to buy towards the end of my book to shift your energy and move forward towards your new Life Vision, TranscenDance. You can find it here

Here is one of the reviews about it:

I truly believe that TranscenDance from Michael Bernard Beckwith is the most important music album of this generation.”  –Michael Miller / Radiowaves


You Are Limitless! And once we get rid of those Invisible Barriers, you can do anything! Wear this T-shirt and declare it for yourself, and let the world know! You can find it here.

* You will find my other favorite things Here:

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