2016- The Year Of Good Bye

 Happy December everyone! The beginning of the end of 2016! We are now entering into a very crucial time period right now, energetic wise, that has the opportunity to change the trajectory of our lives if we take the needed action this December! As many of you know, I am all about Energy and how energy drives and effects our lives and more importantly, how to change our personal energy to transform our life and have a Better Life Experience! And we are about to enter into the BEST Time Ever to clear our energy and truly Transform Our Lives!

Now I know it’s been hard to keep our energy clean, when we have been swimming in water that is murky! And the water has been indeed murky this year, not only for the US but for most of the globe. That is because we have been living in a 9 Universal year for 2016; which I like to call The Year Of Good Bye– because that is what it is all about! It’s about saying good bye to the things that are no longer serving us and that are hindering us. It’s about bringing to light the things that are broken, and have been hiding in the shadows, that needed to be seen and addressed. It’s about breaking down structures that are stifling our growth and expansion, and ending cycles that no longer work.

It was also the year for our Karma to come up, both personal and for the collective, in order to be cleared out, in preparation for this new Universal cycle we are about to enter into. We have all witnessed these things in the collective, and I am sure we have experienced some endings and some truths, that have been hiding in the shadows, that has shaken our once to be thought of as foundations in our own personal life this year as well.

This year has been a Shake Up and a Wake Up call to many, which is the blessing in disguise! There needed to be a Shake Up before there could’ve been a Wake Up so that people would finally Rise Up and step into their Soul’s Calling, and Stop Hiding their gifts and their light in fear of leaving their comfort zone! And that is exactly what you are starting to see people do now and it’s only just the beginning!

The great news is that we are closing out this 9 year at the end of this month, and also the 9 year cycle we have been in since 2008, and entering into a new energy cycle, where there is a huge opportunity for great change! For ourselves personally, and for the world! 2017 is a 1 year, and it is a year that’s all about new beginnings. A year all about starting over and creating anew!

We are about to come full circle since the last 9 year we had back in 2007, and the Universe is preparing to start its 9 year cycle all over again. So the month of December is the time to clear up all of the things you don’t want to take with you into the new year and into this new 9 year cycle (the next decade)!

It is time to clear house if you will, and get your house clean and in order in preparation for this year of new beginnings and new creation. So grab a piece of paper, close your eyes for a moment and center yourself and let’s do some internal inventory.

Looking back at your life for the past decade and for the last year,  what do you want to leave behind in 2016? What is no longer serving you?

What limiting patterns are you deciding right now, to no longer participate in? What kind of behaviors, that have been hindering you, do you want to leave behind?

This is the year of completion. So what do you need to let go of? What do you still need completion on before the end of this year?

What kind of holding on, and trying to control things, do you need to release?

What energy do you need to clean up before the end of this year, so that you don’t take it with you into this new 9 year cycle?

Now is the time to do this work and say good bye to that which has been limiting you!

The key words for you this month needs to be completion, letting go and forgiveness. Letting go and forgiveness can be hard. If you need some help with that, I have powerful tools and processes for that in my book called Heal Your Heart ~ Free Your Mind which you can easily find at andysbook.com.

Clearing your house is crucial this year. Its not just like any other year and just another new year or new year’s resolution, because the Universal One Year that were about to go into 2017, is the time we plant the seeds and set the intentions of what is to unfold for us in this forthcoming cycle- the next decade!

So now is the time to get very clear on what you no longer want to have in your life ongoing, clean up the loose ends and let them go permanently!

It is also the time to get clear on what you do want to have in your life and how you want your life to be instead, going forward. The intentions and foundations you set in place during 2017, and preferably early in 2017- like January, molds the field of potentiality and sets the energy tone that will unfold for you over this next 9 year cycle!

So both December and the beginning of 2017 is a very critical time period, like no other, to go within and get clear on what you are no longer going to tolerate in your life and on what kind of Better Life Experience You Want To Jump To in this new forthcoming decade!

So it’s time to get to work, go within and get really clear and list out all the things your going to let go of, forgive, say goodbye to, and leave behind in 2016. And then do everything you need to do to clear up those loose ends before the end of the month and this 9 year cycle!

So get to work on that, I will be back in a couple of weeks to prepare you for all of the exciting opportunities coming up for us in 2017!

It’s Good Bye to old and Cheers to the new! Let’s go create GREAT energy for a better 2017!

With Love and Blessings,

Brandy Faith Weld                                                                                                                                           The Energy Change Alchemist







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