How To Prepare For A Better 2019:
Out With The Old ~ In With The New

Admit it, 2018 was a wild ride. There are things you wish you had learned sooner or things you wish you had never learned at all!  Before we can usher in the new, we need to Let Go of the old, all that was negative and painful. Energetically, we need to clean the slate, so that we have a clean canvas in which to create our 2019 Masterpiece!

We already told you that drastic, positive changes are coming our way in our 2019 Energy Forecast, so we need to prepare ourselves energetically for it! So below is a 9 Step System to clean out, and off, any negative energy you have picked up in these past few years. (Because, there has been a lot of crazy energy these past few years, hasn’t there been?)

1. First Step: Write down on a piece of paper all of the things that you want to leave behind in 2018. It can be things that happened in 2018 or before. It can be things that happened years ago, like in your childhood or it could even be wrong beliefs and habits. Whatever it is you want to let go and leave behind, and no longer allow to affect your present or your future!

2. Step Two: Now in a journal where you list your goals, dreams and intentions, write down all that you want to do, be and create in 2019. Write them down as if you’re excited for them already being so!

3. Step Three: Now burn that list of things you are letting go and leaving behind in either a fireplace or in a safe, ceramic style bowl. Say a prayer to Spirit, that you most resonate with, to Liberate you from those things and Bless you with forgiveness and internal peace.

4. Step Four: Once that is done, flush the ashes down the toilet. Then fill the bath tub with hot water and Epsom salt and soak in the relaxing and detoxing waters for at least 10-15 minutes. Immediately following, take a hot shower and wash it all off your body. Both your physical body and your energetic bodies. Letting the hot water gently run over your head and down your body, washing away all that you have just released physically, emotionally and spiritually! After your first washing, take out your body-scrub cleanser (containing Epsom Salt) and your body-scrub loofah, or something similar, and brush everything down towards the drain. Making sure to spend extra time to wash off all of the hurt energy that has been living around your heart!

5. Step Five: As you get out of the shower, make sure to treat your skin to some loving care healthy oils like coconut or olive oil. Then get dressed in white and light colors.

6. Step Six: After you are dressed and clean, sage the space you burnt your list of things to let go of to clear out all negative energy and refresh the space. If you have an area where you keep images of Deity’s, like an Alter, then sage that space as well.

7. Step Seven: Lay down your journal of goals and intentions on that Alter, or any other space in your home you deem Sacred, and again pray and thank Spirit for making all of those things come to fruition for you this year!

8. Step Eight: And with this new cleaned up energy, I would continue to wear white and lighter clothes as much as possible! It is amazing how different you feel wearing them if you have been used to wearing a lot of black, blue, brown and other dark colors.

Congratulations! You are now more of a clean slate and ready to start utilizing these powerful energies, that are coming our way in 2019, to start manifesting some of your goals and intentions! This is a Universal 3 Year that sparks, joy, creativity, optimism and living our truth!

Step Nine: From this place, protect and build up your energy! Make sure your energy stays clean by putting a white bubble of protection around you, and keeping away from the people and things that tend to bring you down. Continue to do things that raise your vibration, like hanging out with fun and positive people, reading empowering books or taking empowering programs such as our program called Limitless Living: Change Your Energy ~ Transform Your Life!

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