Prepare For A Potent 2018!

Saturn has been spiraling through Sagittarius for almost three years. It’s likely, by now, you’ve grown used to the feeling of its restrictive qualities buffering against your own desires to actually expand and fly free. I know this long transit has felt very heavy for a lot of people; like having weights tied around their ankles. But the great news is, that is ALL OVER NOW!

This past week has been a BIG day in the heavens. Saturn has finally changed signs – from fun loving Sagittarius into serious and stable Capricorn. And that is GREAT NEWS for us!

After wandering though the zodiac for 27 years, Saturn finally comes home to it’s ruling planet and the sign it most resonates with! This special alignment is very powerful and only comes around once every thirty years or so. So most likely, we will only experience this very strong and productive energy once in our main working years. So make sure to make use of this focused and determined energy, while it is with us for the next 2 1/2 years!

It is in Capricorn that Saturn is at most home. It can express freely and get the kind of work done, that this planet loves. Which means we’re all about to experience quite a radical shift in our productivity and in our lives! It’s likely, that personally, you’ll start to feel a lot more focused and at ease, with a new found ability to face the tough stuff that life may have thrown at you, without hiding and deflecting.

Capricorn and Saturn are a lot alike. They are both structured, hardworking, diligent, persistent, resilient, and willing to do whatever it takes to achieve the next best version of themselves! Saturn is also the great manifestor; the only planet able to turn ideas into concrete results. It’s nice to DREAM about what you desire, but it’s way more gratifying to REALIZE that desire! That’s exactly what Saturn in Capricorn will help you do!

Saturn is also the teacher who makes sure we are prepared to face our life purpose and fulfill our lifetime mission. Saturn in Capricorn never stops climbing, there is no mountain to high for it to attempt. So what this means for you is:


Unlike the fiery Sagittarian energy that we’ve all been channeling up until now, Capricorn doesn’t want to hide and escape! Capricorn has all the patience in the world to hold us up while we take a long, honest look at ourselves; the lives we’ve created thus far, and the life we want to experience instead.

Saturn LOVES structure and Capricorn provides it. Capricorn wants to dig in, embed itself, and do whatever is practically needed to make life work the way you want it, in the here and now. This determined, focused and structured energy can be a total turnaround for you, if you take this opportunity to utilize it properly!


During this time period, Saturn (with the help of Pluto, which is also in Capricorn) is going to be helping us pinpoint where we’re limiting ourselves by rooting into our values, our motives and our excuses.

We’ll be guided to take full responsibility for our actions and for the ripple effect it has had on our life and our worlds around us. No more passing the buck or blame. If you’re not ready to admit the central role you play in your life, this transit is set up to keep on reminding you, until it seeps into your bones. If you’re still in the habit of shifting the blame (and SO many of us have been conditioned to do so) the Cosmos is going to shift it straight back to you.

It’s going to be SO liberating! Now, the driver’s seat will start to feel like it actually belongs to you. It’s time to stop talking and confidently move forward towards building up your dreams, regardless of what has been standing in the way!


Saturn has a way of focusing the mind. Limitations that once felt restrictive become containers of empowerment to actually get the work needed, done. Capricorn works together with Saturn effectively, bringing a huge amount of the resilience, tenacity and the stamina needed to reach our goals. 

This 2-year period is going to be an incredibly fertile ground to build something of value, that will have a lasting impact in your life. If you have a big vision or goal, this is the time to work for it, and keep working, until you reach your desired mountain top. If you do the work, Capricorn will not let you give up the climb; it knows the promise of the long-term reward!


This is going to be an exhilarating time period! Capricorn and Saturn govern the career sector in astrology – the 10th house. This is the house that calls us to step confidently into our mission. To TRUST in our foundational gifts, bring them OUT into the public eye, and step up onto the stage so our message can be heard!

During this time period, we’re being given the chance to build the next phase of our lives on some super-solid principles, guided by strong support from the Cosmos. In 1989, when Saturn was last in Capricorn, the Berlin Wall came down. Be prepared for your old patterns and walls to come tumbling down, in order to reach your souls’ mission and purpose.

By the end of Saturn’s transit in Capricorn in 2020, a new, better you will emerge. But for this, you need to get clear on your intention and put in the work. In the next 3 years, there won’t by a peak you can’t climb or a goal you can’t reach. Whatever you put your mind to, you will have the energetic support to reach it. When you do the work, Saturn in Capricorn will always greatly reward you!

So this is a very pivotal time. You are building the foundations now that will have a lasting impact on your life moving forward. Especially in the area of your career and business. This is the time period we need to be diving in and doing our work, so that we are prepared to utilize these powerful energies that are here to support us in reaching all of our desired goals! You are energetically planting the seeds, and setting the intentions, that will guide and influence the next three years of your life. If you would like help with clearing out past blocks, then I highly recommend my Online Program called: Limitless Living: Change Your Energy ~ Transform Your Life

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Cheers To A Productive, Limitless 2018!

Brandy Faith Weld

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